Devon Rex

The only cat breed that wags the tail as a sign of excitement

Devon Rex is a breed of lean cats with big ears and curly coat. This intelligent cat breed can easily master even the most complicated tricks if you only find a way to encourage your cat to learn them.

iconCountry of origin: Devonshire, England
iconPersonality: Intelligent, Sociable, Active, Playful, Loyal
iconCoat: Shorthair
iconColour: Seal point, Blue point, Lilac point, Chocolate point
iconCharacteristics: Curly coat, Slim head, Large, wide ears
iconLife expectancy: from 9 to15 years

Devon Rex kittens

Devon rex cats are very intelligent and social creatures - they get along really well with other members of the family, both with humans and animals. Devon rex kittens are not nagging, but they do not enjoy being left alone in an empty house either. They get pretty attached to their owners and they enjoy spending time with them. Devon Rex is a breed of exceptionally smart cats that can easily get the hang of complicated tricks. Positive reinforcement training with kittens of this breed is a great way to achieve success. During training have some treats handy - both Kycklingfile and Tuna Recipe can become tasty and motivating treats for your kitten. Healthy and well-balanced diet can greatly influence your kitten’s growth and development. A formula made specifically for kittens, such as Kattunge, will provide your feline with all necessary nutrients for cats under1 year of age.

Devon Rex nutrition

Devon Rex is a breed of energetic and active cats. They love to jump, climb furniture and they can spend hours upon hours playing and running around. Cats of this breed are considered one of the most active breeds, so a diet made specifically for cats with heightened physical activity levels should be a great solution. Exclusive Lyster Care is a well balanced dry cat food made for felines that like to actively spend their time. If you are concerned that with all the extensive activity your cat does not get enough water you can feed a diet consisting mostly of wet food - Pate Adult or tasty Gourmet formulas can be a great base for your feline’s diet. You can also mix your cat’s dry food with some wet food such as Aptit that is based on fresh ingredients.

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Detailed description of Devon Rex

Devon Rex is a medium-sized cat breed with a distinct curly coat. Cats are lean but muscular with long legs that appear a tiny bit crooked.


The breed’s history began with singular appearances of cats with curly coats in litters of other domesticated cats. The intriguing curl was probably the result of a natural genetic mutation and in the beginning, nobody paid any attention to kittens with such a peculiar coat. A year later, Beryl Cox from Devon county decided to focus on the cats with curly coats when she found such a kitten in a litter of her very own cat. The kitten grew up just fine and was later used in further crossbreeding. The breed acquired its name from the Devon county in which cats with curly coats had their first-ever appearance.


Devon rex cats owe their intriguing appearance to their unique, curly coat. In addition to that, they have skinny, triangular heads with pronounced cheekbones and full cheeks. The skinny heads of the Devon rex cats are adorned with big and wide ears that are set quite low. They have lean but strong and muscular torsos and long and slim necks. Their legs are also slim and quite long and can appear a bit crooked. A skinny tail with a sharp point is a cherry on top the peculiar looks of Devon rex cats. Cats of this breed can appear in any colour and pattern, the amount of white in this breed is not regulated by the breed standard.


Devon rex cats are very intelligent and extremely active. They will gladly spend most of their time running, climbing or playing with toys you provide them with. These cats will gladly squeeze into any accessible space - you can find your Devon rex chilling among the books, between your plants or in a desk drawer, if you leave it open long enough. They make for very social felines that do not like to be left alone for prolonged periods of time. They are not nagging in any way, but they do enjoy the company of their humans and will happily join you in everyday tasks. They can be taught to walk on a leash, which they tend to enjoy quite a lot. Devon rex cats are the only breed that will wag their tail as a sign of joy.


These intelligent and active cats do require a lot of physical activity. Devon rex cats love climbing, so if you don’t want your cat climbing bookcases provide your feline with a tall cat tree. Devon rex cats enjoy a vast variety of physical activity - every day spend some time playing with your cat. Cats of this breed can learn to walk on a leash - buy a good quality leash with a harness. The short coat of the Devon rex cats do not provide them with good protection against the cold - try avoiding spending time outside during winter and cold weather.

Daily care

Short and curly coat of the Devon Rex requires special care and treatment. Regular brushing will be more than enough to aid your cat in getting rid of the dead hair and minimising the risk of hairballs forming in the cat's digestive tract. Remember to trim your cat’s nails - too long claws can snag on anything and it can cause your cat pain.

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