4 Sorter, 4 x 100 g | Pack of 4 pouches for cats

Four selections of chunks in gravy.


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- Added taurine for optimal eye and heart health
- Adequate hydration for an overall well-being

Wet food variety pack

4 Sorter is a complete and tasty food for cats in 4 different recipes, providing a well-balanced diet with the right combination of vitamins and minerals. Every pouch contains delicious chunks in tasty gravy, easy to open and carry.

Added taurine, vital for optimal heart and eye health and vitamin E, an antioxidant that helps boost your cat’s immune system. High moisture content supports adequate hydration for an overall well-being of your cat.

The variety pack includes four tasty recipes: chunks with beef and vegetables, chunks with chicken and turkey, chunks with ocean fish, chunks with salmon and tuna.

Balanced nutrition

Serving and storage

Serve at room temperature.

Once the pouch is opened, refrigerate unused portion and use within 24 hours.

A bowl of fresh water should always be available to your cat.

Feeding recommendations

Serve as a complete and balanced meal on its own or as a dry food meal topper. For adult cats, serve 2-3 pouches per day. Divide the daily ration into 2-3 meals. Adjust the daily ration according to the cat’s individual requirements which may vary due to age, environment and activity level. If fed as part of a mixed diet avoid overfeeding by monitoring total food intake.

Nutritional info

Nutritional additives/kg: 3a672a vitamin A 2000 IU, vitamin D3 200 IU, 3a700 vitamin E 5 mg, taurine 300 mg.

CHUNKS WITH BEEF AND VEGETABLES. COMPOSITION: meat and animal derivatives (beef 4.2%), vegetables (peas 4.2%), minerals.

CHUNKS WITH CHICKEN AND TURKEY. COMPOSITION: meat and animal derivatives (chicken 4.2%, turkey 4.2%), minerals.

CHUNKS WITH OCEAN FISH. COMPOSITION: meat and animal derivatives, fish and fish derivatives (ocean fish 4,2%), minerals.

CHUNKS WITH SALMON AND TUNA. COMPOSITION: meat and animal derivatives, fish and fish derivatives (salmon 4.2%, tuna 4.2%), minerals.


Balanced diet and high quality ingredients


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