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How to maintain your dog's hygiene?


Your dog’s hygiene is one of the fundamental aspects of his health. By keeping your dog clean you can significantly reduce the risk of multiple infections and diseases.

Skin and coat

Many dog owners disagree on how often you should bathe your dog. Although there are no set in stone rules regarding the recommended bath frequency, you should never bathe a dog too often, since it can dry out your canine’s skin. Of course, to bathe your dog you need care products developed specifically to suit your dog’s skin pH level. As an alternative to a wet bath, especially with dogs that spend the majority of time outside the house, you can use dry shampoo. Your dog’s coat has a natural, greasy layer that protects the skin from moisture as well as cold. Every bath strips your dog’s skin of that oily layer, leaving it exposed to the elements. Dry shampoo can be a great choice if you need to freshen up your dog’s coat during autumn or winter, but you cannot bring your canine home to stay with your for few days after the bath.

Eyes and ears

Maintaining the ear canal clean, especially for dogs with floppy ears, is extremely important. Clean and dry ears can prevent the growth of the bacteria, that eventually lead to ear infections. After bath always check your dog’s ears and wipe them dry. To clean your dog’s ears use only care products made specifically for canines. Ear cleaning solution is easy to use - you just need to apply few drops to the inside of your dog’s ear and gently massage it in. After few minutes you can wipe the excess liquid off using cotton pad or a tissue. In some dog breeds excessive tearing can lead to decolouration of fur under eyes. Don’t forget to clean this area every once in a while, always using gentle cleaning products made specifically for dogs.


Remember to care for your dog’s dental higiene, which can prevent inflammation of the gums or any issues with teeth later in life. The most common issue regarding dog’s teeth is either plaque bildup or bad breath. Dry dog food can help with mechanical cleaning of the teeth. To keep your dog’s teeth clean you can also use dental chews, which act both as a tasty treat and a support in mechanical teeth cleaning.

Products that will help you take care of your dog's hygiene:

Tass Plus | Balm for paw protection

Paw care with beeswax to protect the paws and relieve cracked pads.
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Clean bed

Don’t forget to regularly clean your dog’s bed. Textile dog beds can be machine washed, usually at a low temperature, unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer. To wash dog beds you can use gentle, hypoallergenic soap or detergent. If you don’t want to risk your dog’s skin getting irritated, wash the bed in a detergent made specifically for cleaning house pet’s beds, cages and kennels.

Other Products for dogs hygiene:

Mousse Schampo, 150 ml | No-rinse foam shampoo with Aloe Vera

Waterless bathing alternative for dogs & cats


Antistress, 200 tablets | Nutritional supplement that helps reduce the effects of stress

Helps support your pet's wellbeing and promote calmer behaviour



Laxolja, 300 ml | Premium salmon oil that supports healthy skin & shiny coat

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