Tandrep Plus, 20 pcs | Dental chewing ropes with chicken

Highly digestible, dental chewing treats with added antioxidants.


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- Chewing supports optimal dental health
- No added wheat

Chewing ropes to support dental health

Easy-to-digest dental treats with added antioxidants. Also suitable for puppies (4m+) as it soothes the discomfort of a teething puppy.

Chewing is a natural instinct for all dogs. Giving dogs regularly dental treats to chew on, can help them exercise their natural instincts, provide them with a proper mental stimulation, entertain them and keep their mouths clean and healthy at the same time.

Dental health
Wheat gluten free

Recommendations and feeding advice

Snacks and chews are not substitute for walks and playing with your dog, they should be used only as additional stimulation for your dog given as part of training, as a reward for good behaviour, or just as a tasty treat between meals.

Feed as part of a balanced diet. When feeding treats, reduce your dog’s main meal to keep them in a lean, active condition.

Do not overfeed your dog with snacks and chews. Excessive use of snacks and chews may cause gastric upset and potentially lead to obesity in dogs and other health problems.

Keep fresh water available at all times.

Storage advice

Prior to opening, the product should be stored in dry, cool conditions away from direct sunlight.

After opening, seal the packaging after each use and store it in the refrigerator (0°C - 10°C).

Nutritional info

rice powder, multi-vitamins, sodium carbonate, natural spices, water, chicken.

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