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Wet cat food - why is it a good choice?

By nature, cats aren’t very fond of drinking water from a bowl. Kitties most often and most willingly take their daily amount of fluids with a meal. Wet cat food will give your pet much more fluids in one meal than any dry cat food. With a moisture content of over 80%, your cat will provide the body with sufficient water when eating wet food, even if it decides not to drink it from a bowl. What else is wet cat food better than dry cat food? A cat’s sense of smell is much more sensitive than their sense of taste. For a cat, a tasty food is the one that smells the best. You can further intensify the aroma of wet cat food by heating it to a room temperature. Cats love to eat food which has the temperature as close to the temperature of their tongue, which is around 30°C. What else is wet cat food better at? Want to sneak extra fluids in your cat’s meal? Add a little warm water to the food and mix thoroughly. Do you have a cat with dental problems? The soft texture of the wet food will be much easier for him to eat than the hard kibbles of dry food.

How to serve wet food?

In terms of the convenience of feeding, wet cat food performs significantly worse than dry cat food. You cannot put wet cat food in a bowl without the help of cutlery or special measuring cups. Its storage is also a bit more problematic. For food in pouches, special clips to close the bag will be useful, and in the case of cans, reusable plastic or silicone lids will be the best. Once opened, the wet food should be kept refrigerated and used within a maximum of 2 days. Do not leave wet food in the cat's bowl for more than 30 minutes. After this time, cover the bowl and hide the food, preferably in the fridge or other cool place, and try to serve again after some time. The wet food is best served to the cat gently warmed - this strengthens its aroma. Clean the cat's bowl after each meal. This will significantly reduce the growth of bacteria on the bottom, which are responsible for the unpleasant odours that remain on the dish.

What is the best wet cat food?

Cat wet food comes in several different types, which differ mainly in consistency. In our range, you will find meaty chunks in gravy, appetizing pâtés, exclusive dinners made with fresh meat and food toppings – all without the addition of artificial colourants or flavours will surely appeal to your cat, even the most demanding. Of course, the best wet cat food is the one that contains the highest quality ingredients with all the necessary nutrients – they provide the food with excellent digestibility and taste, which even the pickiest cats will not resist. Cats don’t like boredom, so you can add variety to their diet with different types of wet food which will additionally offer a pleasant texture to the meal.

How do I change my cat's food?

If you decide to change your cat's food, remember that you can't do it overnight. Cats have a very sensitive digestive system, and drastic changes in food composition can cause a range of digestive problems. Therefore, when introducing a new type of food to your pet's diet, do it gradually. Wet cat food is a bit more problematic here, as it is more difficult to measure the perfect portion than with dry food. Additionally, during the transition period, you must prepare to store twice the amount of open pet food packages. For the first three days, give your cat a mixture of the old food with the new formula in a 3:1 ratio. On the third and fourth day, give your cat the current and new food mixed in a 1:1 ratio at the meal. On the fifth and sixth day of the meal, the ratio should be 3:1 in favour of the new wet food for your cat. On the 7th day of the whole process, you can already give a meal consisting only of the new formula. This way you will not only avoid possible stomach problems, but also give your cat time to get used to the new taste or texture of the food. Cats can be extremely picky about food, so in order not to discourage them, always introduce new products gradually.

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Since 1987 Husse offers free home delivery of quality products for dogs and cats throughout Europe.
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Frankie is a 16-year-old cat who was earlier this year diagnosed with Kidney issues. When tasked with looking for suitable food for his condition we discovered Husse's Exclusive Urinary. Frankie has happily been eating Husse since and is still extremely healthy at his old age!


Olly is a thirteen-year-old Bichon Frise, Who has been on Husse for the last 6 years. Being a white-haired pink-skinned dog he is prone to skin issues however ever since using Husse laxolja salmon oil and Ocean care mini salmon dog food he has been In perfect condition with no skin problems arising. Thank you Husse for taking care of my boy!

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Husse - Swedish food for dogs, cats and horses

Husse is a Swedish producer of food for dogs, cats and horses with over 30 years of experience on the market. Husse's main goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle for animals. All Husse feeds, treats and supplements are made only from the highest quality, carefully selected ingredients. All products are manufactured according to traditional Scandinavian recipes, and the production lines are under constant veterinary control. Apart from the quality of Husse products, it also means the quality of the service. Husse distributors are thoroughly trained in animal nutrition and will be happy to help you choose the right diet for your dog, cat or horse. Husse products are not available in a traditional sales network - we deliver them straight from the factory to the customer, so we can offer the highest quality products at competitive prices. Husse food can always be ordered with door-to-door delivery. 

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In Husse's offer you will find everything your pet may need. Our dry food for dogs and cats is a great foundation of their diet - dry food is properly balanced diets tailored to the needs of dogs and cats of various sizes and at various stages of life, i.e. puppies and kittens, adult and senior dogs and cats. Do you have a dog or cat with special nutritional needs? We took care of the special needs of animals with a sensitive digestive system and food allergies, after sterilization or castration, and pets with a tendency to overweight. Are you looking for toys for dogs and cats? Husse toys are made of the highest quality materials, they are durable and will provide your pet with hours of entertainment. You can diversify the healthy and natural diet of your dog, cat or horse with tasty delicacies. Treats for dogs, cats and horses are a tasty addition to their diet and a great reward during training and training. Do you need grooming products for your pet? Get shampoos, care cosmetics, oils and lotions with which you will take care of the beautiful and healthy appearance of your dog, cat or horse.