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Why dog treats?

Dog treats are not only a tasty addition to your four-legged friend's daily diet. Dog treats in your pet's diet can perform several tasks, which should be kept in mind when choosing the right treats for your dog. They are a great surprise for your pet – tasty bites between meals can become part of your routine or encourage your dog to play or exercise. Dog treats hidden in a special toy or in various corners of the house will encourage your pet to think.

Snacks as an incentive

One of the most popular uses for dog treats is, of course, to use them as an incentive in a variety of everyday situations. Many dog breeds are amazing gourmets that are ready to do anything for a tasty morsel. You can take advantage of this weakness when teaching your dog tricks or basic commands. When you teach your pet tricks or commands, snacks can act as motivation to participate in training. Offer your pet a treat before training - let him know what delights are waiting for him. For study and training, choose dog treats that you can easily divide into smaller pieces. This way you do not risk exceeding your dog's daily energy requirements, which can lead to weight gain, overweight and even obesity.

Treats as a reward

Speaking of training, dog treats are, of course, a great reward for properly executed instructions or good behaviour. Remember that a treat is a reward only for a correctly performed trick or instruction. If your dog only does half a trick, don't reward him with a snack for it. A snack is a signal to a dog that it has done something exactly as it should. You need to be consistent, but not strict, when training your dog. Demand your dog to be thorough, but don't put pressure on him when he loses interest or is tired.

Snacks as a distraction

If you have a very curious dog, take his favourite treats during a walk. You can use the tasty morsels as a reward for correct behaviour, for example when the dog walks straight and not on the leash or stops when you tell him. To increase praise and develop good habits for your dog, you can give him a snack. But that's not the only way you can use your dog's treats during a walk. If your dog is a gourmand, sometimes only food will catch your dog's attention. If your pet becomes overly interested in something he shouldn't be, or he becomes distracted by various stimuli that you encounter while walking, draw your pet's attention to a treat. Especially for a young pooch, a treat can help when you want to focus your pet's attention on yourself.

Dog snacks and health and well-being

Dog treats don't have to be just a delicious addition to their daily diet. A variety of dog snacks on the market can support the well-being or health of your pet. In our range you will find a variety of snacks – dental snacks, which can aid in the mechanical cleaning of the teeth if your dog is not very fond of brushing them; then semi-moist training treats, which are perfectly sized for clicker training, and crunchy treats like baked biscuits and pressed snacks, which are packed with flavour and crunchy texture that can help the mechanical cleaning of the teeth. For dogs of large and giant breeds, you will find delicacies with the addition of glucosamine and chondroitin, which will help provide comprehensive joint protection. However, for a pooch with a sensitive digestive system or suffering from food allergies, you can also find grain-free and gluten-free delicacies.

How and when to serve them?

Remember that the dog snacks that you give your pet in their daily diet are just an addition and can never replace a healthy and balanced diet. A dog treat is only a dietary variety that should be served wisely and in moderation. The daily portion of the snacks served should not exceed 10% of your pet's daily energy requirements. Even the healthiest delicacies with a fully natural composition are additional calories in the diet of your pet, which, in excess, can lead to overweight or even obesity. Without additional physical activity, your quadruped can start gaining weight easily. If you are using treats as an incentive and reward when training with your dog, choose special treats that are bite-sized and soft.

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Since 1987 Husse offers free home delivery of quality products for dogs and cats throughout Europe.
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Frankie is a 16-year-old cat who was earlier this year diagnosed with Kidney issues. When tasked with looking for suitable food for his condition we discovered Husse's Exclusive Urinary. Frankie has happily been eating Husse since and is still extremely healthy at his old age!


Olly is a thirteen-year-old Bichon Frise, Who has been on Husse for the last 6 years. Being a white-haired pink-skinned dog he is prone to skin issues however ever since using Husse laxolja salmon oil and Ocean care mini salmon dog food he has been In perfect condition with no skin problems arising. Thank you Husse for taking care of my boy!

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Husse - Swedish food for dogs, cats and horses

Husse is a Swedish producer of food for dogs, cats and horses with over 30 years of experience on the market. Husse's main goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle for animals. All Husse feeds, treats and supplements are made only from the highest quality, carefully selected ingredients. All products are manufactured according to traditional Scandinavian recipes, and the production lines are under constant veterinary control. Apart from the quality of Husse products, it also means the quality of the service. Husse distributors are thoroughly trained in animal nutrition and will be happy to help you choose the right diet for your dog, cat or horse. Husse products are not available in a traditional sales network - we deliver them straight from the factory to the customer, so we can offer the highest quality products at competitive prices. Husse food can always be ordered with door-to-door delivery. 

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In Husse's offer you will find everything your pet may need. Our dry food for dogs and cats is a great foundation of their diet - dry food is properly balanced diets tailored to the needs of dogs and cats of various sizes and at various stages of life, i.e. puppies and kittens, adult and senior dogs and cats. Do you have a dog or cat with special nutritional needs? We took care of the special needs of animals with a sensitive digestive system and food allergies, after sterilization or castration, and pets with a tendency to overweight. Are you looking for toys for dogs and cats? Husse toys are made of the highest quality materials, they are durable and will provide your pet with hours of entertainment. You can diversify the healthy and natural diet of your dog, cat or horse with tasty delicacies. Treats for dogs, cats and horses are a tasty addition to their diet and a great reward during training and training. Do you need grooming products for your pet? Get shampoos, care cosmetics, oils and lotions with which you will take care of the beautiful and healthy appearance of your dog, cat or horse.