How to calculate the age of a dog? Converting human years to dog years


It is estimated that the average life expectancy of a dog is around 10-15 years. Dog handlers often regret that dogs live so shortly, but a dog's age is not the same as human years. Dog years go faster and it was once said that one calendar year equates to about 7 years of dog years. How do you count a dog's age and why do we do it at all?

Dog's age - why count it?

Very often, converting a dog's age into human results is simply out of the owner's curiosity. When dog keepers find out that dog years go differently, they want to know how old their pooch is. But dog age is not only a curiosity for the inquisitive. When we know a dog's age in human years, it is often easier for us to understand our pet's behavior and ailments that may be related to age. Dog age defines what diet or care our pet requires.

How do you count a dog's age?

Counting a dog's age is not such an easy and obvious task. There is no universal dog age converter that can be used for a dog of any size and breed. A variety of factors can affect a dog's age.

Breed matters

The life expectancy of a dog varies depending on the breed of the quadruped. Large and giant breed dogs usually live shorter lives than small breed dogs. Great Danes usually live about 11 years, while tiny Chihuahuas can live up to 20 years. Life expectancy is also not an iron rule - not every representative of a particular breed lives exactly as estimated in the standard. There has been a case in history where an Australian Shepherd Dog, estimated to have a life expectancy of 13 to 15 years, lived a record 29 years and was entered in the Guinness Book of Records.

What about mongrels?

You can sometimes hear that mixed breed dogs live longer, but the theory has not been scientifically substantiated. In the case of mongrels, it is sometimes difficult to determine their dog age, let alone convert it into a human age.

How to estimate a dog's age?

When you adopt a dog from a shelter, you never know exactly how old the dog is. Its age, however, can be estimated. It is enough to pay attention to a few details that will help determine the age of the dog. How do we calculate the age of a dog when we do not know how old the pet may be?


The condition of a dog's teeth may indicate the age of a dog. When the dog is young, the teeth are erupted in an order that helps determine the puppy's life stage. Over the years, certain groups of teeth wear together, and between the ages of 3 and 5, dogs usually develop a yellow discoloration due to tartar. Teeth in dogs usually begin to fall out around the age of 10.


On a dog's coat, especially in darker-colored quadrupeds, you may notice gray hair over time. Most often, gray hair is seen on the dog's face, and the first wave of graying can be expected around the age of 5. The skin condition may also deteriorate in older dogs. The signs of aging can also be seen in a dog's eyes - with age, the eyeballs become more cloudy. 


Of course, when assessing the age of a dog, one cannot fail to take into account the dog's behavior. Usually, older dogs become calmer and less physically active. In mature dogs, the pupilish curiosity also disappears, which prompts them to sniff every corner they encounter. There is also a difference in the way it moves - an aged dog will be slower.

What influences a dog's lifespan?

It is difficult to talk about the average life expectancy of dogs at all, because it is a very individual matter. A dog's life span is influenced by its breed, size, health, genes, housing conditions and lifestyle. An improperly selected diet or neglect of exercise and physical activity may shorten the age of our pet. Regular veterinary checks and proper care will allow you to diagnose any diseases earlier. How we take care of our four-legged friend may affect not only the quality, but also the length of their life.

Dog's age to human - how to calculate it?

Until about the age of two, dogs of different sizes and breeds develop at a similar rate. From that moment it is estimated that to count dog years as human in small dogs one year should be counted as 5 human years, in medium dogs one year is counted as 6 human years, and in large and giant dogs it is assumed that one year falls into 7 human years. How was this dog years converter developed? Statistics say that a person lives an average of seven times longer than a dog.

Calculator of dog years in the first year of a pet's life

Did you know that when a dog is one, the human age is around 16? How it's possible? How are dog years counted in the first months of its life? After two months, it is estimated that the dog is a human age of 2 years. In the fourth month of life, the dog is already 6 human years old. When the dog is 6 months old, the human is ten. The 10-month-old human dog is already 14 years old.

Canine Age - First Decade

After the first two years, the dog's age in human years is 24. After the second year of life, there are discrepancies in the estimated age for human years - depending on the size of the breed, the dog ages differently. A five-year-old small breed dog is 39 human years of age, while a large and giant breed dog at this dog age already reaches 45 human years. The difference is getting bigger every year. 10 years in a small breed dog translates into 64 human years, while in large and giant dogs it is already the 1980s. Such a conversion of the dog's age into a human age allows us to better understand why a pet at the age of 8 is so calm and less active.

Dog years calculator - when will the dog be 100 years old?

Dogs of large and giant breeds age faster, so already at the age of 13, his dog age is converted to 101 human years. Medium dogs are 102 years of age human by the time they turn 15. Small breed dogs would reach one hundred years of age per human age by 18 years of age.

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