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The COVID-19 pandemic led to many office workers switching to working from home. House pets most definitely were thrilled to see their owners spend so much time at home, but for cat owners working from home meant new challenges. Everyday tasks are now being interrupted by cats trying to lay down on a keyboard or meowing during a Zoom call, because they suddenly felt like playing. For cat owners, a home office with a cat leads to a completely new routine.

What to do when your cat is distracting you? 

 Your cat will probably try to make the most of your presence at home. Your cat will be trying to get your attention, no matter if you’re on a break or in the middle of an important call. To add some structure to your day, try to ignore your cat when you’re working. Don’t pet your cat, don’t answer the meowing. If you decide to take a break, you can then pet your cat or even play for some time. But once you’re back at your desk, focus on your work. This should make for an easier adjusting period once you’ll be able to work from your office.

Cat on a desk? 

If you let your cat sit on furniture, you can rest assured that he will be jumping on your desk, when you’re working. You can go about your cat’s presence on your work desk two ways - you can either make it off limits for your cat or you can give your pet a space on top of the desk, where he can chill or sleep, when you’re working. By placing a comfy blanket or cat bed in the corner of your desk you can give your cat a place to be close to you, when you’re at work. That way, if your cat ever tries to lay on your keyboard or laptop you can place him in the designated spot. Always praise your cat for using the blanket or cat bed - it will eventually become a habit and your pet will not disturb you at work ever again.

Keeping your cat entertained whilst entertained:

Time to play 

When you’re working from home you cannot forget about playtime. Playing with your cat creates a great opportunity for your pet to use up the energy he’s been accumulating throughout the day. Once a cat gets tired after playtime it is much less likely to disturb you during your work hours. You can always add new toys to your collection, preferably ones in which you can hide treats for your pet. It will usually keep your cat interested for longer than a regular toy. If you need a break during work you can always spend this time playing with your cat.. Have a toy handy and when you feel like taking a break, just grab the toy and spend some time with your pet. Your cat will appreciate the attention, and you’ll relax during your work day.

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