Selkirk Rex

Breed commonly referred to as a sheep-cat

Selkirk rex is a breed of cats with tightly curled fur. Curly fur in this breed is a result of a genetic mutation, a completely different one than in devon rex or cornish rex cats. The curl tends to change with the seasons and with the cat's age.

iconCountry of origin: USA
iconPersonality: Sociable, patient, trusting, affectionate, tolerant.
iconCoat: Shorthaired
iconColour: Every colour and pattern
iconCharacteristics: Curly coat
iconLife expectancy: from 12 to 20 years

Selkirk rex kittens

Selkirk rex is an intelligent cat breed - kittens quite quickly pick up all the necessary skills and can easily understand all the rules and boundaries. These sociable cats tend to get along well both with humans and other animals, but they may need some more time to build a relationship with a dog or any other house pet. Selkirk rex cats can have a significant appetite, so make sure you measure your cat’s food, as to not overfeed him. In their first years, kittens grow very quickly, so a healthy and well-balanced diet is a must. Kattunge dry cat food will provide your kitten with all the necessary nutrients. Kittens should be fed special formula developed for kittens until they reach 1 year of age. 

Selkirk rex nutrition

Selkirk rex cats tend to be both curious and physically active. They will gladly take part in any physical activity and can enjoy games that require some thinking. To stay in the best possible shape cats need a well-balanced diet that will provide them with proper levels of necessary nutrients. Bear in mind that your cat’s individual needs depend on the activity level of your pet and even the surroundings that they live in. Calculate your cat’s daily food portion based on current body weight. Overfeeding can lead to obesity. Feed your cat at set hours during the day and try to incorporate as much wet food as possible. Cats are not too interested in drinking still water, and the majority of their daily fluids intake comes from their food. Choose food based on your cat’s preferences - pick the right flavour and texture. Pate Adults are an excellent choice for cats that prefer smooth consistency in their food. What if a cat prefers dry food? You can always mix dry cat food with Tuna Recipe or Exclusive Aptit - tasty treats, great as a snack or as an addition to the main meal.

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Detailed description of Selkirk rex

Selkirk Rex is a medium-sized cat breed with soft and curly fur thanks to which this breed gained its nickname. Selkirk Rex is the only cat breed that has curly whiskers.


Miss DePesto of NoFace was the progenitor of Selkirk rex breed. The cat was born in Montana in 1987. She was the only kitten in the entire litter to have curly whiskers and curly coat. Jeri Newman, who took the kitten home, later crossbreed her with a black Persian cat. Half of the kittens from the litter had a curly coat. Later on, curly-coated cats have been crossbred with both Persian and British cats. The modern-day Selkirk rex cat bears resemblance to the body shape of British cats. The genetic mutation responsible for curling of the fur is an entirely different mutation than the one that results in a curly coat of Cornish rex and Devon rex cats.


Thanks to crossbreeding with Persian cats, Selkirk rex cats have a short and square muzzle. Crossbreeding with British cats gave this breed the strong and heavy bone structure. Serkirk rex has round heads and big, round eyes. Medium in size, slightly rounded at the tip ears are set wide on the top of the head. Cats of this breed have medium-thick and solid paws and a thick tail that is rounded at the end. Selkirk rex coat is curly and soft. Both the appearance and hand-feel of the fur resulted in cats of this breed being referred to as sheep-cats. Even the hairs growing inside the ears and whiskers of these cats are curly. Cats of this breed can come in every pattern and colour.


Selkirk rex cats are very sociable and trusting. They easily get along with their human families as well as strangers. These cats are very patient and collected and can easily get along with children. Selkirk rex is a great companion cat - they can quickly form close relationships with other animals. These cats demand attention and can spend hours laying on their human’s lap. Selkirk rex is quite and active cat breed - they can enjoy almost every form of physical activity.


Curly hairs growing inside the ears of Selkirk rex cats can slightly irritate the inside of the ears and result in heightened production of earwax. Control your cat’s ears regularly and clean them when necessary. To clean your cat’s ears use care products designed specifically for cats. As a breed related to Persian cats, Selkirk rex cats can experience excessive tearing which can lead to staining of the under-eye area. Don’t forget to clean the fur around the eyes. Selkirk rex cats like to feel in charge of the place - give them access to high furniture or a tall cat tree.

Daily care

Always use a brush designed for curly fur to brush your Selkirk rex cat. Don’t brush your cat too often, as it can loosen the curls. Brush your cat slowly and gently. If you have to give your cat a bath use shampoo designed for a curly coat. Trim your cat’s nails regularly - too long claws can snatch on carpets, furniture and cause your cat pain.

dr Anna Plummervet and blogger

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