Valp Plus, 2kg - Husse Natural Complete Puppy Dry Dog Food Chicken & Rice Gluten-Free Hypoallergenic

Valp Plus is a wheat-free recipe recommended for puppies with sensitive digestive systems and/or gluten intolerance. Rich in vegetable fibres like cellulose and psyllium to stimulate intestinal mobility and health. Contains clinoptilolite, a mineral that supports stool consistency and contributes to optimal digestion.


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- Mix of ingredients supporting good intestinal health
- Wheat free recipe

Specially developed to support puppies' digestion

Valp Plus is a wheat free recipe with added psyllium suitable for puppies with sensitive digestive systems and/or gluten intolerance. Recommended as a starter from 3 weeks of age and as complete food from 4 weeks to adulthood. Also ideal during gestation and lactation.

Introducing Valp Plus, the ultimate choice in puppy food that is meticulously crafted for young dogs with sensitive digestive systems and gluten intolerance. With human-grade ingredients and a balanced nutrient profile, this top-quality kibble ensures your puppy gets all the essential vitamins, fibres, and proteins needed for healthy growth. It's not just an ordinary puppy food; it's a comprehensive nutritional solution that sets the benchmark in the category, making it one of the best puppy food brands on the market.

What sets Valp Plus apart are its unique features tailored to support digestive health and optimal growth. Recommended from as young as 3 weeks, it serves as a complete food from 4 weeks to adulthood. Enriched with vegetable fibres like cellulose and psyllium, the kibble aids in intestinal health. A standout ingredient is clinoptilolite, a natural mineral that stabilises stool consistency and enhances digestive function. This versatile food is also ideal for dogs during their gestation and lactation periods, providing a balanced diet during crucial life stages.

In summary, Valp Plus goes beyond being just another puppy kibble. It offers a well-rounded, nutritious and high-quality meal plan for your young canine. Perfectly balanced, highly nutritious, and made with the highest quality ingredients, Valp Plus stands as a one-stop solution for a healthy and balanced diet for your puppy. Invest in Valp Plus to ensure the long-term health and well-being of your four-legged family member.

Digestion/Flora Stimuli
Wheat gluten free

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Nutritional info

Nutritional additives: vitamin A 20850 IU/kg, vitamin D3 1850 IU/kg, vitamin E 580 mg/kg, 3b103 (Iron) 200 mg/kg, 3b202 (Iodine) 3 mg/kg, 3b405 (Copper) 8 mg/kg, 3b502 (Manganese) 63 mg/kg, 3b605 (Zinc) 108 mg/kg, 3b607 (Zinc) 12 mg/kg, 3b801 (Selenium) 0.20 mg/kg, beta-carotene 1 mg/kg; Antioxidants: tocopherols; Technological additives: Clinoptilolite of sedimentary origin: 10 g/kg.

chicken, rice, maize, animal fat, vegetable fibres, linseed, maize protein, hydrolysed animal protein, yeast, salmon, salmon oil, salt, fructo-oligosaccharides (0.5%), psyllium (0.5%), dried whole eggs, potassium chloride, mannan-oligosaccharides (0.1%), lecithin, sea algae, vegetable oil, fatty acid salt, rosemary.

Animal protein

Benefits of feeding Valp Plus everyday!

1 / 6

Wheat free recipe with rice and maize as sources of carbs with a good palatability.

2 / 6

Soluble dietary fibre that has anti-diarrhoeic effect.

3 / 6

Contains mannan-oligosaccharides (MOS) which prevent adhesion of harmful bacteria to the wall of the intestine.

4 / 6

Optimal fibre content to help keep the digestion running smoothly and for optimal stool consistency.

5 / 6

With maize as a superb source of beta-carotene. Natural plant carotenoids have an anti-oxidant activity in the body cell and improve the immunity.

6 / 6

High percentage of animal protein to support a healthy growth.

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