Rep Boll, 1 pc | Rope toy with knotted ball

A durable knotted rope dog toy that can handle tough play.


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- Interactive play and exercise for healthy lifestyle

Rope dog toy

Rep Boll is a rope toy with one large knot on one end for easy grip.

It is perfectly suited for interactive play like tug and toss-and-fetch, or solo chew time to help prevent boredom or anxiety. Also great as teething toy for puppies of medium and large breeds.

Length: 29 cm.


Our toys have a lot of benefits

INTERACTIVE PLAY TIME - Strengthens the bond between you and your pet.

HEALTHY LIFESTYLE - Our toys provide the mental and physical exercise your pet needs.

VISIBILITY - Bright colours make our toys easily trackable for both you and your pet.

EASY TO CLEAN - Machine washable for long-lasting durability.

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