Junior pâté, 400 g | Balanced meal with veal & dried ginseng

Tasty pâté with veal for puppies up to 12 months old.


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- Added vitamins and antioxidants
- Made with high quality ingredients

Balanced and healthy complete meal

Pâté with veal and ginseng, healthy and complete wet food made with selected ingredients. No added artificial flavours, colourants or preservatives.

Added vitamins and minerals to support healthy growth and development. Added vitamin E, an antioxidant that supports the development of a healthy immune system. Added ginseng: source of natural antioxidants to support the immune system. Due to its high palatability and soft texture, it is ideal for young & recently weaned puppies as it is easier to chew on than a dry kibble alone.

Immunity support
No colourants and artificial flavours

Serving and storage

Serve at room temperature.

Once the can is opened, refrigerate unused portion and use within 2 days.

A bowl of fresh water should always be available to your dog.

Feeding recommendations

  • Serve as a complete and balanced meal on its own.

  • For daily ration see feeding table on the can. Adjust the daily ration according to the puppy’s individual requirements which may vary due to age, environment and activity level.

  • Divide the daily ration into 2-4 meals.

  • If fed as part of a mixed diet avoid overfeeding by monitoring total food intake.

  • Metabolizable energy: 1.075 kcal/kg.

Nutritional info

Nutritional additives/kg: 3a672a vitamin A 2500 IU, vitamin D3 250 IU, 3a700 vitamin E 5 mg.

meat and animal derivatives 80% (veal 14%), derivatives of vegetable origin (dried ginseng 0.5%), minerals.

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Balanced diet and high quality ingredients


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