Play Barn Starter Kit - Idol Lamb Treats & Clicker Accessory

Train & treat your dog! Clicker for training & grain-free Idol treats for rewards.


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Elevate your dog training sessions with our bundle featuring Idol grain-free lamb treats and Clicker training accessory. Idol treats are star-shaped, grain-free delights crafted with a single animal protein source, perfect for normal dogs and dogs with digestive sensitivities. Made without artificial flavours or colorants, these treats are as wholesome as they are delicious.

Pair them with our Clicker, a simple yet highly effective training tool. This small plastic box houses a metal strip that emits a distinct clicking sound when pressed. Faster and more distinct than verbal cues, the clicker marks correct behaviours instantly, signalling to your dog that a reward is imminent. Remember, while the clicker identifies correct actions, it's the treat that serves as the reward, reinforcing positive behavior effectively. So, train smarter, reward tastier, and bond better with your furry companion today!


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