Lux, 1 pc | Hooded litter box with carbon filter for odour control

Extra-spacious, covered toilet box with a modern design, provides privacy and keeps the litter and the unpleasant odours inside.


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Integrated active carbon filter neutralises all the unpleasant odours

Extra-spacious toilet home

Lux is a spacious hooded cat litter box with cleaning sieve, ideal for bigger cats and/or multi-cat households. The raised rear wall makes it ideal for cats who urinate standing up while the enclosed design prevents litter spills so it’s also great for cats that like to dig. It has a transparent swing door for privacy and to help keep non-feline intruders out. The large clips ensure secure fastening of the trays and sieve, while the ergonomic handle makes it practical to carry around and easy to transport.

Lux has an upper section (hood), two lower sections (trays), a sieve, a handle, a transparent flap door, 4 extra-large closing clips, filter cover and a carbon filter. Premium quality product, made in Belgium.

Colour: cool grey. Material: plastic.

Practical cleaning system

Quick and easy to clean

This toilet box is quick and easy to clean, with its two lower trays and the sieve with 10 mm-diameter openings (suitable for fine and coarse clumping cat litter). Use the sieve to separate stool and clumps of litter from the clean litter.

Economical use of cat litter

The sieved clean litter can be reused making the use of litter economical and longer lasting.

Odour control

Replaceable active carbon filter helps combat unpleasant litter box odours. To ensure an odour-free environment, the filter should be changed at regular intervals.


Total: 64 cm x 46 cm x 48 cm (L x W x H)

Sieve openings: diameter 10 mm.

Entrance: 23 x 24 cm (W x H)

Entry height: 20.5 cm

Inner: approx. 54.8 cm x 37 cm x 42 cm (L x W x H)

Height of base tray (front/back): 17.5/30 cm

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