Kompis, 150 g | Functional snacks formulated for urinary support

Crunchy, functional snacks for dogs, enriched with superfoods for urinary support. Grain free recipe rich in tasty duck and nutrient-dense peas.


Available in:
- Enriched with superfoods to support the urinary system.
- Without grains or gluten, suitable for sensitive stomachs.

Functional snacks for urinary support

Kompis are functional snacks for dogs, specially formulated with nutrient-rich plants and superfruits to provide extra nutrition for dogs requiring urinary support:

  • Enriched with dandelion, chokeberries and blackcurrant which contribute to the support of the urinary system.

  • Enriched with fennel which supports the digestive health.

Tasty, crunchy, heart-shaped goodies that will please your dog’s taste buds. The irresistible crunchy texture of Kompis helps maintain good dental hygiene by stimulating the mechanical cleaning of the teeth as your dog chews. Without artificial flavours or colourants. Complementary feed for dogs.

Urinary health
Grain free

Wholesome recipe to support the well-being


Kompis snacks are made with only one animal protein source: delicious and easily digestible duck, an alternative, high-quality protein source suitable for dogs with food sensitivities.


Kompis snacks are gentle on the stomach as they do not contain grains or gluten and are therefore also suitable for dogs with grain and gluten intolerances. Instead, wholesome and highly digestible ingredients like peas and potatoes are used as alternative sources of carbohydrates to help fuel your pet’s body with healthy energy.

In addition, Kompis snacks contain dried apple pulp, a highly digestible source of fibre, which helps promote digestive health.


Added taurine which contributes to a healthy heart and muscles.

Feeding and storage guidelines


The recommended daily maximum amounts are shown in the feeding table on the packaging. Offer as a treat or reward between meals. Always supervise your dog when giving any chew or treat. Always have fresh drinking water available.

Snacks and chews are not substitute for walks and playing with your dog, they should be used only as additional stimulation for your dog given as part of training, as a reward for good behaviour, or just as a tasty treat between meals. Feed as part of a balanced diet. When feeding treats, reduce your dog’s main meal to keep them in a lean shape. Do not overfeed your dog with snacks and chews. Excessive use of snacks and chews may cause gastric upset and potentially lead to obesity in dogs and other health problems.


Prior to opening, the product should be stored in dry, cool conditions. After opening, tightly close the packaging after each use and keep in a dry, cool place, away from direct sunlight.

Nutritional info

Nutritional additives: 3a370 taurine 1000 mg/kg. Antioxidants.

dried duck (26%), peas (26%), potatoes (16%), pea protein, dried apple pulp (10%), chicken fat, dried dandelion (1%), dried chokeberries (1%), dried fennel (1%), rapeseed oil, dried blackcurrant (0.5%).

Balanced and high quality ingredients


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