Kattströ Red, 10 kg | Cat litter made of grey bentonite clay

Clumping cat litter produced from natural grey bentonite with a high absorption capacity as well as strong and long-lasting odour control.


Available in:
- Absorbs liquids quickly and forms solid lumps
- For clean and healthy environment

Natural and long-lasting odour control

Our clumping cat litter Kattströ Red is produced from natural sodium bentonite, a mineral transformed into high-quality cat litter by using environmentally friendly technology and processed through heat treatment, which makes this product highly hygienic.

No added fragrances, relies solely on the natural absorbency of bentonite to control unpleasant odours. Does not stick on cat’s paws thanks to its high plasticity and montmorillonite.

99.5% dust free.

Super clumping
Dust free

Economical consumption

Economical usage due to very high absorption capacity (350 - 380%), keeps a cleaner, fresher litter box for longer.

Clumps rapidly into well-shaped and strong clumps, easy to scoop. Facilitates cleaning and daily maintenance, but also reduces litter consumption.

Compact size granules (0.5 mm - 2.5 mm) for better clumping performance with minimal waste of product.

How to use?

Step 1

Fill the tray with Kattströ Red up to a height of 7 cm. After filling the tray, give the litter a final levelling off.

Step 2

Remove clumps and other solid waste (such as faeces) daily using a scoop. Discard with household waste*, do not flush down the toilet.

*Check with local authorities if different disposal requirements or methods apply.

Step 3

Refill with fresh cat litter as necessary to maintain the litter level.

Step 4

Change litter completely when necessary, washing and drying the tray thoroughly. Regular maintenance helps get rid of bad odours and reduce bacterial build-up.

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