Indikator, 6 L | Bentonite clay cat litter

Clumping cat litter with urinary pH indicator.


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- Absorbs liquids quickly and forms solid lumps
- Active carbon for an effective control of unpleasant odours

Odour control and added thyme

An innovative clumping cat litter with excellent absorbency processed from white bentonite clay of finest quality.

Added carbon (3%): formula with activated carbon that provides highly effective odour control by absorbing traces of organic compounds contained in cat's faeces and urine. Added thyme, which contains thymol, a volatile oil that has antiseptic and disinfectant properties.

One box of 6 L lasts for one month for one cat.

Super clumping
Odour control

Detecting principle

Urinary lithiasis is a common disease for cats. If the cat’s kidney function is normal, there’s no protein in the urine, but when the kidney or the ureter is infected, protein will appear in the urine.

A non-toxic and harmless active ingredient is added so that Indikator cat litter can detect proteinuria. These yellow silica particles act as urinary pH indicator. If those yellow particles turn blue, your cat may suffer from a urinary disease.

Please contact your veterinary if:

- the yellow particles turn blue in 30 minutes after the cat urinates and this repeats during one week;

- your cat urinates more frequently than usual;

- there is mixed blood in the urine, dysuria and screaming because of painful urination.

How to use?

Step 1

Fill the tray with Indikator up to a height of at least 5-6 cm. After filling the tray, give the litter a final levelling off.

Step 2

Remove clumps and other solid waste (such as faeces) daily using a scoop. Discard with household waste*, do not flush down the toilet. *Check with local authorities if different disposal requirements or methods apply.

Step 3

Refill with fresh cat litter as necessary to maintain the litter level.

Step 4

Change litter completely when necessary, washing and drying the tray thoroughly. Regular maintenance helps get rid of bad odours and reduce bacterial build-up.

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