Cat Litter Tray, 1 pc | Litter box with removable top rim & open design

A cat litter box perfect to use with our Husse cat litter products.


Available in:

Cat litter tray

Open litter box design makes waste cleaning easy and is perfect for cats who prefer easy access to the litter. The high sides and the deep base prevents litter spills - ideal for cats that like to dig in their litter. We recommend using the tray together with our Inside Grid as sifting tray for quick and easy cleaning of stool and clumped litter.

If your cat seems to prefer eliminating in seclusion, you can also get our Tray Cover which fits perfectly on this tray.

Material: PP. Colour: White.

Use and maintenance

Fill the tray with the desired cat litter up to the recommended level. The tray that can be used with both Husse clumping and wood pellet cat litter.

Every time the litter is replaced completely, the tray should be washed thoroughly with mild soap and water.

Bleach or other harsh chemicals should be avoided - cats are very sensitive to smells.

Rinse the tray with copious amounts of water and dry it thoroughly before filling it with fresh litter.


Length 51 cm

Width 40 cm

Height 18.5 cm

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