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Work with us


England is divided into 200 Franchise territories. Each territory has over 35k to 90k households and 17k to 45k pets and it is exclusive to the franchisee for up to five years once a Franchise Entry Fee payment has been made and can be renewed with no extra costs. 

Franchisees sell and deliver Husse products in their contracted and protected territory. It is expected that Franchisees live in or close to their territory. They may not deliver products into another contracted territory.

Franchisees are mature people with good sales experience or a natural ability in interpersonal skills. They need to create new sales opportunities and convince prospects of the great benefits of our products. Franchisees need a determined and creative approach.

For the franchisee, the real benefits come from the repeat orders for these fine products. 


The way you work

  • From your own home and in your own hours
  • Delivering Premium and Super Premium food and accessories
  • Managing your territory with our web-based order system with pet owners, kennels, groomers, rescues, breeders, trainers etc.


How to get started

  • Invest in your territory
  • Organise your delivery vehicle
  • We supply livery and logos
  • Complete your 2 day training program
  • Take over existing customers and prospects in your area.


How we help

  • With existing customers and all new prospect leads
  • Providing your computer software systems on broadband
  • Free website and online ordering
  • Customer Freephone Number
  • Warehousing in England
  • Training, Marketing Support, Sales Meetings
  • Sales brochures, free samples, Husse uniforms
  • Free inwards delivery to you subject to minimum order
  • Sales start-up pack - fliers, posters, catalogues etc.
  • Attendance at National Shows and Exhibitions

For more information, please contact us at:

  • 0800 909 8885 | 0207 998 3739



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