FAQ: What source of vitamin C is the best: natural vitamin C or phosphory┬Člated vitamin C? Why? Which type is used in Husse products?


Vitamins are essential substances in pet food. Most vitamins are not very stable and break down when exposed to heat, oxygen or sunlight. Vitamin C, especially, is very unstable. Natural vitamin C decomposes very rapidly. After three months, 60% of normal vitamin C has disappeared from the food. After one year of storage, approx. 95% of the vitamin C has disappeared.

A new vitamin C formulation was developed by the well-known vitamin company Roche. This vitamin C, called "stay-c", is much more stable: "phosphorylated" vitamin C reacts much better to un­favourable storage circumstances. This type of vitamin C is also more heat-resistant: more than 90% of the phosphorylated vitamin C re­sists extrusion, while nearly all-natural vitamin C is destroyed during the extrusion process.

Husse uses only high quality, stabilised vitamin C in its pet food, even though stabilised vitamin C costs four times more than natural vitamin C.