Premium and Super Premium Pet Foods: Better Value for Money?

Premium and Super Premium Pet Foods: Better Value for Money?

Dog food and cat food quality is one of the most important factors in maintaining a healthy lifestyle for a pet. One of the most important concerns for a pet owner is to find the right pet food product that contains all the essential needs of a pet. High quality cat or dog foods are always formulated to find the optimal nutritional balance and contain nutraceutical components to help maintain the health and condition of a pet. On the other hand, cheap or “standard” cat or dog food contains only the basic nutritional requirements. High quality pet food is generally labelled as Premium or Super Premium. These super premium pet foods contain more energy as well as a higher digestibility rate, the amount that actually needs to be fed to the cats or dogs is, in general, 10 to 20% less than with standard cat or dog food.

Therefore, the difference in the feeding costs between Super Premium Pet Food and standard pet food is generally much smaller than most people think when they compare the price of the bags.

To summarise, we should evaluate a pet food's quality based on a variety of factors. These include how the pet performs, rather than relying on just one or two components of the diet. To make it easier vets and nutritionists suggest some factors that can be useful when categorising a food as a lesser quality, Standard, Premium or Super Premiumpet food.

  • Meet Nutritional Requirements of a pet
  • Quality and Consistency of Ingredients
  • The Nutritional Balance
  • Manufacturing Technique
  • Palatability ratio
  • Clarity and Accuracy of the Label Information


More Value

Although Premium or Super Premium dog or cat food is generally more expensive per bag, since less food is required per serving it is often more cost effective in the long run. Certainly it represents better value for money.

Less Mess

As a result of feeding smaller portions, as well as increased digestibility, there is a much lower stool volume, a major benefit to all pet owners!

Improved Skin and Coat

Ingredients make a difference! Higher meat content and high quality oils (such as salmon or herring oil) which contain enough of the essential fatty acids, omega 3 and omega 6 to maintain a shiny coat on a dog or cat.

No Bulking

Lesser quality and Standard pet foods are often bulked using grains which have no nutritional value to pets. By removing the common grain fillers from Premium and Super Premium food, the improvement in the nutritional value of the food leads to various benefits such as less shedding.

More Energy

The digestive tracts of our four legged friends are generally best equipped to digest meat. Having more meat protein in the food, from higher quality sources, leads to a more consistent energy level for your pet.

Reduce in Allergenic Ingredients

Super Premium and Premium pet food reduces or remove such common dietary allergens such as corn, wheat, soy and beef. These are ingredients that can often cause dietary problems in pets. According to veterinary dermatologists and veterinarians specializing in allergies, chronic ear infections are nearly always allergy related. They say a change in diet will improve the symptoms in at least 30% of the allergy patients.


Husse are pioneers in the production of third generation pet food. They are the European leaders in the home delivery of Premium and Super Premium food for dogs and cats. We offer a wide range of pet food including dry food and wet food for dogs and cats of all ages; from kittens and puppies to senior pets. Husse also have hypoallergenic dog food for sensitive dogs and puppies, specialised food for large or small breeds as well as specialised high energy food for working dogs.

The quality of the ingredients in Husse dog and cat food and the production processes with which they are made are very important. Quality ingredients mean quality food which guarantees better health for your pet and satisfies its nutritional needs. Our world-renowned experts study the nutritional needs of different animals and design and develop our recipes to perfectly satisfy these needs. The production process, ingredients, nutritional value and digestibility underpin the quality of the food. Husse dry dog food and Husse dry cat food have low feed rates, because we do not fill or bulk them with indigestible fibres. A pet on Husse food has to eat much less in order to satisfy its nutritional needs, these pets are healthier and they love the natural taste of the croquettes. Since the feed rates are low each bag lasts longer and that means lower costs and better value for our clients.

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