No Wheat Gluten

No Wheat Gluten

Wheat Gluten free formula.

In case of food allergy, a diet with only rice as a cereal or potato combined with a meat or fish source that the dog has not been eating regularly before is indicated.

Rice is the only grain which does not contain glute and is used in Husse Sensitive line.

Potato is also gluten free source of carbohydrates, and potato is used in Husse Grain free line.

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  1. Digest | Dry Dog Food For Sensitive Digestion & Allergies

    Super premium dry food designed for dogs with sensitive digestion and / or with allergies .

    • Gluten free
    • Very tasty
    • Strengthens the immune system

    LAMB | RICE 

    Tasty hypoallergenic formula. Wheat & gluten free. Ideal for sensitive digestion or allergies.Protein 23%, animal protein 72.5%.

    Only £1.01 per day feed cost (based on a 12.5kg bag and a dog weighing 20kg)

  2. Valp Plus | Gluten-Free Puppy Food

    Gluten-free puppy food enriched with psyllium to aid the puppy's digestion

    • Suitable From 3 weeks
    • Suitable for bitches and gestation and lactating.
    • Facilitates digestion and transit
    • Promotes a healthy, shiny coat


    Only £1.00 per day feed cost (based on a 12.5kg bag and a dog weighing 10kg)

  3. Bravo L | Gluten-Free Treats

    Soft and tasty reward treats
  4. Lynx Senior | Grain-Free Cat Food For Senior Cats

    Grain-free dry food for older cats . 

    • Rich in animal proteins
    • Low in fat
    • Enriched with Vitamins C (immune system)
    • Enriched with taurine (heart function) and chondroitin (joint flexibility)


    Only 32p per day feed cost (based on a 7kg bag and a cat weighing 5kg)

  5. Opus Ocean | Grain-Free Salmon Dry Food For Dogs

    Grain- Free Kibbles - inspired by the Wolf diet

    • Rich in protein and fat
    • Very digestible and high quality ingredients
    • Grain and gluten free


    Tasty grain and gluten free formula. Ideal for dogs with sensitive digestion or allergies. Protein 38%, animal protein 82%.

    Only 95p per day feed cost (based on a 12kg bag and a dog weighing 20kg)


14 Item(s)

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