L-carnitine for elimination of fat tissue.

Carnitine is not a real amino acid, but because of a close structural similarity, it is normally classified with amino acids, and is also known as vitamin BT.

L-Carnitine is synthesized from the essential amino acids lysine and methionine, but enough vitamin B1 (thiamine) and B6 (pyridoxine) must be available. This is why dietary supplementation of carnitine may be beneficial in some circumstances. Carnitine is an essential component for the metabolism of fat. L-carnitine helps carry fatty acids into the mitochondria in cells so that they can convert these acids into energy.

1. Supplementation of carnitine is first indicated where the energy requirements of a dog need to be increased as carnitine stimulates the conversion of fats into energy. During competition, sledge dog racing, or any other circumstance with increased activity, supplementation of carnitine in the diet may be beneficial. This is why Husse Optimal Energi is supplemented with carnitine. The combination of a high dietary fat content together with carnitine guarantees an optimal energy supply to active dogs with increased energy requirements.

2. Another indicator for supplementing carnitine may be weight reduction in case of obesity. In obese dogs, the supplementation of carnitine stimulates oxidation of body fats. Of course, this can only be obtained in combination with a reduced food intake and with increased physical activity in order to increase the energy requirements of the dog.

3. There is a very high concentration of carnitine in the heart, which is not surprising. The heart relies on fatty acids for the fuel it needs to pump blood throughout your entire body. Many studies have shown that L-carnitine supplementation can help heart function more efficiently in dogs that have been diagnosed with heart disease.

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  1. Light Sensitive | Dry Dog food for overweight dogs

    Super premium dry food designed for dogs with sensitive digestion and / or overweight or sensitive to overweight.

    • Gluten free
    • Very tasty
    • Low in fat
    • Enriched with L-carnitine to help with burning fat


    Low fat hypoallergenic wheat & gluten free formula for less active, overweight, or dogs that tend to gain weight easily. Protein 26%, animal protein 80.4%.

    Only £1.12 per day feed cost (based on a 12.5kg bag and a dog weighing 20kg)

  2. Optimal Sensitive | Dry Dog Food For Sensitive Digestion

    Super premium dry food designed for active dogs  with sensitive digestion.

    • Gluten free
    • Very tasty High energy level
    • Very digestible ingredients


    Hypoallergenic wheat & gluten free formula ideal for active dogs with sensitive digestion or allergies. Protein 26%, animal protein 81.9%.

    Only 99p per day feed cost (based on a 12.5kg bag and a dog weighing 20kg)

  3. Sterilised | Dry Dog food for Sterilised/Neutered dogs

    Dry food adapted to the needs of sterilized or castrated dogs .

    • Low energy rate
    • High in protein
    • Enriched with L-carnitine (fat burning)


    Ideal for recently spayed or neutered dogs. Specially formulated with I-carnitine to aid the metabolism of fats. 28% protein, animal protein, 81%.

    Only 97p per day feed cost (based on a 15kg bag and a dog weighing 20kg)

  4. Optimal Light | Dry food for dogs that are not very Active or are Overweight

    Complete dry food for less active or overweight dogs. Suitable for adult dogs of medium breeds.

    • Rich in nutrients
    • Rich in minerals for the skeleton
    • Excellent for his stomach


    Tasty high-quality formula to meet the needs of less active dogs, Protein 26%, animal protein 71.2%.

    Only 90p per day feed cost (based on a 15kg bag and a dog weighing 20kg)

  5. Prima plus | Dry Food For Adult Dogs With Normal Energy

    Dry food for adult dogs with normal needs .

    • Rich in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids
    • Contributes to healthy skin and coat.
    • Prevents the risk of obesity.


    Tasty and complete recipe for dogs with normal energy needs. Contains all the required nutrients and rich is in Omega 3 to maintain a healthy skin & coat. Protein 24%, animalprotein 60%.


    Only 88p per day feed cost (based on a 15kg bag and a dog weighing 20kg)



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