Optimal growth.

A puppy needs almost twice as much energy and nutrition as an adult dog. Husse Valp, Valp Mini and Valp Maxi are super premium products which supplies the extra nutrients, vitamins and minerals that puppies need for a whilst growing up. Valp, Valp Maxi and Valp Mini is suitable for puppies from 4 weeks old to adulthood (12 months).

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  1. Valp Digest | Dry Dog Food For puppies with Sensitive Digestion

    Gluten-Free for puppies with sensitive digestion. 

    • Reduces the risk of allergies
    • Promotes good dental health
    • Rich in minerals
    • Promotes a healthy and shiny coat
    LAMB | RICE 

    High-quality wheat and gluten-free formula. Contains all the required nutrients essential during the growth stage. Protein 26%, animal protein 75%.

    Only 60p per day to feed your puppy (15kg bag).

  2. 2kg Trial for Puppies

    • High quality super tasty – super healthy kibble for Puppies
    • One of our friendly nutritionists will contact to arrange a convenient time to discuss your puppy's nutritional requirements.
    • A trial pack will be delivered to your home or work free of charge.

    Important: This offer is for first time buyers only.

  3. Valp Maxi | Large Breed Puppy Food

    Super premuim food   for  large breed puppies

    • Enriched with glucosamine and chondroitin to support the growing puppy's joints
    • High energy and nutritional content to meet the needs of the large breed puppy
    • The kibble size is designed for large breed dogs
    • Very high digestibility
    • Also recommended for pregnant or lactating bitches


    Ideal for large & giant breeds of puppy. Contains all the minerals and vitamins essential during growth stage. Protein 29%, animal protein 81%. Only 98p per day to feed your giant puppy.

  4. VALP PLUS | Gluten-Free Puppy Food

    Gluten-free puppy food enriched with psyllium to aid the puppy's digestion

    • Suitable From 3 weeks
    • Suitable for bitches and gestation and lactating.
    • Facilitates digestion and transit
    • Promotes a healthy, shiny coat


  5. Pro Valp Puppy | For Puppy/Junior Working Dogs

    Complete premium food for puppy/Junior working dogs & nursing bitches. Contains extra nutrients, vitamins & minerals that puppies need while growing up. Protein 28%. Only 75p per day feed cost.


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