Cell Protect

Cell Protect

Antioxidants for cell protection.

The Husse super premium products contain the following anti-oxidants:

1. Vitamins with anti-oxidant activity:
High doses of vitamins C and E are added. The vitamins are powerful anti-oxidants which protect the cell membrane of the body cell.

2. Carotenoids:
Husse super premium products contain high levels of lutein and beta-carotene. These natural plant pigments have an anti-oxidant activity in the body cell.

3. Grape extract:

Added grape extract contains high levels of polyfenols which protect the nucleus (kernel) of the body cell

Husse premium dry food for dog and husse super premium dry food for cats contains vitamins with anti-oxidant activity.

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  1. Pro Valp Puppy | For Puppy/Junior Working Dogs

    Complete premium food for puppy/Junior working dogs & nursing bitches. Contains extra nutrients, vitamins & minerals that puppies need while growing up. Protein 28%.

    Only 53p per day feed cost (based on a 20kg bag and a dog weighing 10kg)

  2. Tugg Plus | Dental Chew Bone made from Green Tea Extract

    Highly digestible chewing bone for dogs
  3. Kattunge | Dry Food For Kittens

    Dry food for kittens , from weaning to 12 months.

    • High quality animal protein
    • Enriched with taurine (eye and heart functions)
    • Enriched with Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids (skin and coat)

    | CHICKEN |

    Made for kittens as well as pregnant or nursing cats. High in protein, complete with all the essential nutrients required for growing cats. Protein 34%, animal protein 79.5%.

    Only 36p per day feed cost (based on a 7kg bag and a cat weighing 2.5kg)

  4. Valp Digest | Dry Dog Food For puppies with Sensitive Digestion

    Gluten-Free for puppies with sensitive digestion. 

    • Reduces the risk of allergies
    • Promotes good dental health
    • Rich in minerals
    • Promotes a healthy and shiny coat
    LAMB | RICE 

    High-quality rice and gluten-free formula. Contains all the required nutrients essential during the growth stage. Protein 26%, animal protein 75%.


    Only 95p per day feed cost (based on a 12.5kg bag and a dog weighing 10kg)

  5. Pro Giant | Premium Food For Large/Giant Dog Breeds

    Complete premium food for large or giant breeds. Enriched with glucosamine & chondroitin to support joint health. Large kibble size for optimal intake. Protein 25%.

    Only 75p per day feed cost (based on a 20kg bag and a dog weighing 30kg)


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