Eco Strö, 3 kg | 100% natural & biodegradable cat litter

100% Natural cat litter made of pine and spruce sawdust from the forests of Sweden.


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- Eco Strö pellets can absorb liquid several times their own weight
- Made of sustainably sourced sawdust

Non-clumping all natural cat litter

100% Natural, FSC® certified product made of sustainably sourced pine and spruce sawdust from Swedish forests.

Eco Strö pellets can absorb liquid several times their own weight, they absorb the cat’s urine and then crumble into sawdust. No additives, no added fragrances, strong odours are neutralised naturally.

Low dust for less mess, litter box is clean and dry.

High Absorbency

Enviromentally friendly paper bags

Eco Strö cat litter comes in 3 kg bags made of strong kraft paper, coated with a thin layer of polyethylene on each side to protect the contents from moisture.

The packaging consists of 70% paper made from renewable raw materials.

The empty bags are sorted as paper packaging and can be recycled as both new raw material and energy.

How to use?

Step 1

Add approximately 2-4 cm of Eco Strö into a clean, dry litter tray. Use a cat litter tray with a sifting tray for easier cleaning and maintenance.

Step 2

Remove solid waste and sawdust remains from the bottom tray daily. Shake the sifting tray gently, so that any remaining sawdust will fall in the bottom tray. Dispose of the sawdust remains with the household waste, sorted as organic waste, compost or combustible waste*.

*Check with local authorities if different disposal requirements or methods apply.

Step 3

Add fresh Eco Strö as necessary to maintain the recommended depth.

Step 4

Change litter completely when necessary, washing and drying the tray thoroughly. Regular maintenance helps get rid of bad odours and reduce bacterial build-up.

Balanced diet and high quality ingredients


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