Husse is a true dog expert, offering your dog the best products to best their needs and preserve their health.

At Husse our customers and their animals are our priority!

We are continually improving the quality of our products and our service to provide the best for your dog and guarantee 100% satisfaction! Whether you are looking for a product for a dog who is losing hair, a product to fight against your dog's bad breath or a product to protect your dog against fleas and ticks, we have a selection of products that are suitable for your dog.

Disappointed with cheap dog products?

Do you find products prohibited for dogs in the composition of their food? Products purchased from pet stores that make your dog sick? Many customers come to us after having tested the biggest brands on the market without satisfaction, and Husse has met all of their needs!

All the products you need to help your dog live a healthy & active life

Our products are made with high-quality raw materials and rigorously selected for the sole purpose of meeting the needs of your animal. Our products will provide your canine with everything they need, whether they are a puppy, a nursing dog, a senior dog ...:

Our range of dog products

  • Quality kibble adapted to your dog's needs
  • Food supplements and phytotherapy to take care of your dog naturally
  • Essential hygiene products for fleas and worms,
  • Accessories to satisfy their comfort 
  • Natural rubber toys to maintain their vitality.

Which product for my dog?

Unsure what food is the best for your dog's size, breed, or dietary needs? Our Husse nutritional experts are on hand to help you make sure your dogs is getting everything it needs from their food. Speak to one of our team here today.

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  1. Tugg Plus | Dental Chew Bone made from Green Tea Extract

    Highly digestible chewing bone for dogs
  2. Pro Valp Puppy | For Puppy/Junior Working Dogs

    Complete premium food for puppy/Junior working dogs & nursing bitches. Contains extra nutrients, vitamins & minerals that puppies need while growing up. Protein 28%.

    Only 53p per day feed cost (based on a 20kg bag and a dog weighing 10kg)

  3. Light | Chicken (Chunks in gravy)

    • Light tasty pieces
    • Cooked in the oven
    • No preservatives or artificial flavors
    • Delicious Gravy
  4. Dental L | Chicken Chewing Bars - Pack of 4

    Chicken chewing bars. A daily treat that helps reduce plaque and tartar build-up.

    • Grain free
    • Sea algae (good dental hygiene)
    • Fresh breath
  5. Dental S | Chewing Bars for Dental Health

    Chewing bars. A daily treat that helps reduce plaque and tartar build-up.

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