Healthy lifestyle for dogs, cats and horses.

Small breed

Dog size
  1. Small < 10 kg
Dog age
  1. Adult
  2. Senior
Dog activeness
  1. Very active / working dog
  2. Normal
  3. Not active / Couch potato
Animal Protein
  1. Chicken
  2. Salmon
Special ingredient
  1. balanced nutrition
  2. calcium
  3. cardio
  4. cell protect
  5. chicken based
  6. coat
  7. energy+
  8. flora stimule
  9. gluten free
  10. hypo allergenic
  11. mobility

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  1. Ocean Care Mini

    Salmon & Rice

    Tasty formula for small/mini breeds of dog. Ideal for sensitive digestion or allergies. Small easy to digest kibble. Protein 24%, animal protein 75%. Only 40p per day feed cost (7kg bag).

  2. Optimal Mini

    Chicken & Rice

    Tasty high energy formula and small easy to digest kibble to meet the needs of active smaller/mini breeds. Protein 28%, animal protein. 82.1%. Only 80p per day feed cost (7kg bag). 

  3. Senior Mini

    Chicken & Rice

    Specially formulated to meet the needs of older dogs of smaller/mini breeds. Enriched with extra vitamins to slow down the aging process. Contains taurine & glucosamine for joint health.  Protein 22%, animal protein 58%.Only 35p per day feed cost.


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